A romantic getaway
in the heart of “the city of the thousand wonders"

Hotel a stone throw away from Amboise Castle, in the heart of the Loire valley

Amboise, royal city of the thousand wonders

Along the Loire banks, the city of Amboise deploys all its beauties to narrate you centuries of history. This royal city has a strong cultural and architectural heritage.

The Royal castle of Amboise, located at few minutes (walking) from our hotel, overlook the city and gives you an oustanding view on the Loire. Built from the XVth century, it became the royal castle where succedeed Charles VIII, Louis XII and Francois Ier. you will discouver its Gothic charm and its breataking view on the Royal River.

Continue your visit at the Château du Clos Lucé this old king's leisure place that also was the last home of Leornado of Vinci. The great inventor and italian artist who stayed in Amboise, upon request of the king Francois 1st, from 1516 until is death in 1519, in this Renaissance style castle. You will be able to discover machines invented by this italian master, as well as Renaissance masterpieces and magnificients frescos.

Surprise yourself wiyh the Chanteloup pagoda, original work built in the XVIIth century, last testimony of the Duc de Choiseul castle. Located in the middle of Nature, this this tower of Asian inspiration offer an outstanding view on the serene and elegant parc.

Finally, these charming streets of Amboise will enlight your agreable promenade. On the Loire river banks, Amboise will seduce you with its graceful life, its pedetrains areas but also by its troglodyte houses, and other touristics place of the Loire valley.

Tourism in Amboise    Tourism in Touraine   Amboise Castle

Towards the discovery of the Loire Castles

AU CHARME RABELAISIEN is located in the heart of the Loire Valley castles. From our hotel, let yourself dive into the history of France along the Loire

The Loire Valley castles   

Le château de Chenonceau

Less than 20 minutes away fom Amboise; discover the château de Chenonceau, original by its location above the Cher river. Visit it and discover a big collection of art pieces. Do not miss its garden, one of the most valuable of France.

Chenonceau castle Château de Chenonceau
Blois Castle Château de Blois

Le château de Blois

The château Royal de Blois, is 35km away from our hotel. It is a great exemple to represent the differents influences and periods that marked the Loire valley castles. It is in the center of the city of Blois. The castle evolves arround a courtyard and

Le château de Chambord

The château de Chambord majesticly emerges from the heart of its natural park. It is the biggest castle of the region, classified as one of UNESCO world herigtage. Its style is a mix between Gothic and Renaissance, built by Francois 1st. It is famous for its "magic staircase" with double helix: visitors see others but do not pass by each others. An innovative archicheturale innovative that is probably the work of Leaonard of Vincy.

Chambord Castle Château de Chambord
Castle of Azay-le-Rideau Château d'Azay-le-Rideau

Le château d'Azay-le-Rideau

A discreet charm caracterised the château d'Azay-le-Rideau : installed on an island of the Indre river and edified under the reign of Francois 1st. It is charming by its quietness and its privacy. You wil be seduced by its park and beautiful reflection on water, as well as by its interior inspired by the Renaissance

Le château de Villandry

Located about 40 minutes away from our hotel, the château de Villandry mixes its Renaissance style with its Mediaval foundations. It is famous for its gorgeous gardens, composed of 4 levels: yews, box trees, vegetables, scents and colors stand out to offer a unique and iconic garden of the Loire castles.

Castle of Villandry Le château de Villandry
Le domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire Le domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire

Le Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire

20 minutesd away from Amboise, the domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire offers an exceptional viw on the Loire and will know how to seduce you by its superb elegance. Discover inside this prestigious castle, which used to be Catherine de Medicis castle.
It hosts every years the  Festival international des Jardins de Chaumont-sur-Loire that became one the most valuable exposure on garden's art.

The Loire Valey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The grandiose landscapes of the banks of the Loire and its history make the Loire Valleya rich and unavoidable territory listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. The region extend on an area of 800 km2along the Loire.

Follow the roads, navigate on the Loire or ride your bicycle on the small path by the Loire.

La Loire à vélo   Edge of Loire - Amboise

Gourmet getaway in Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is the the "rendez vous" for the gourmands! Tes the local specialties during your stay in Amboise. The area where author Rabelais, writer, doctor, freethinker, bon vivant and major figure of the Renaissance, offers tasty dishes: cakes (small stuffed baked breads), greaves, rillettes and other meats, cheeses, truffles and gourmet recipes for meats in the region.

Let yourself be tempted by Touraine's wines : thevineyards cover the Loire and produce many AOC wines from Gamay and Cabernet, served in all circumstances. No doubt that the region of the Val de Loire, home of Rabelais, will delight the connoisseurs of you!

* Do so in moderation!

The Val de Loire wines   Escapade